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The Story of Deli-Boy Subs!

From Keyport, Nj to Davie, Fl

Deli-Boy Subs is a family-owned restaurant known for its tasty sub sandwiches stacked with quality meat and delectable toppings. Although Davie has been home to Deli-Boy since 1990, the shop got started in Keyport, New Jersey back in 1963. Deli-Boy Delicatessen was a small convenience store founded by Robert and Patricia Simonson. It sold groceries, cold cuts and small household items. A few years later, Thomas Simonson started working in his father’s store with his then girlfriend (and future wife) Patricia. Deli-Boy did well in the 1960’s and early 70’s but closed in 1978 due to unfortunate circumstances. Tom and Patricia got married and moved on with their lives. Tom became a licensed general contractor and Patricia quickly moved up the ranks at a local bank. They had two wonderful boys, Thomas Junior and Michael, but still felt like their family was missing something. After choosing South Florida as their fresh start, Tom and Patricia brought back the family business. The next chapter in Deli-Boy’s history began and, three generations deep, there’s no foreseeable end in sight.

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